Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sleepy Hollow:

In the early United States of America, young policeman Ichabod Crane is sent to from New York to the fledgling settlement of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of ghoulish murders. On his arrival, the town council informs him that the three victims were killed in open ground, and the heads had disappeared - taken by a headless ghost that is supposedly responsible. Ichabod is unconvinced of this, but learns more about the ghostly horseman - it is the ghost of a Hessian sent by the British during the revolutionary war, and he was caught by redcoats and decapitated with his own sword. When Ichabod sees the ghost kill one of the town council members, his skepticism evaporates - and he soon discovers that the horseman's ghost has an unholy connection to Balthus Van Tassel, a wealthy farmer - and whose daughter Ichabod is falling in love with...


  •  Ichabod Crane

  •  Katrina Van Tassel

  •  Young Masbath

  •  Brom Van Brunt

  •  Baltus Van Tassel

  •  Lady Van Tassel 

  • Reverend Steenwyck

  •  Magistrate Samuel Philipse

  •  Dr. Thomas Lancaster

  •  Notary James Hardenbrook

  • Killian, Beth's husband

  • Beth Killian, the Midwife

  • Peter Van Garrett

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