Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sixty-six surfers surf on a surfboard

Surfing is usually a solitary sport, but not here! This summer, 66 surfers rode this giant surfboard together to set a new world record. The giant surfboard weighed 500 kilos and measured 13 meters, and the surfers stayed on it for 12 seconds!

I thinks that this is so crazy, but amazing in the same time. I mean, how 66 surfers can stay in the same surfboard?!! But in my opinion it's strange that they only can stay all together only for 12 seconds, when I look to this image I think that they were in for a 40 seconds, because a minute it's so exaggerated. Another's thinks that provides me look this image is how they met for doing this, how they made this surfboard and if they needed help for put into the water. So I look to the internet and they needed a crane to put into the water!

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