Thursday, October 29, 2015

What makes a good friend

1.- What makes a good friend for you?

A good friend is supportive when you feel down, is outgoing and enjoys hanging out with you, is dependable, and doesn't complain if you call or text them late at night, is responsible and serious when you need them to be, but just little bit crazy when you need that too, and is only ever cruel to be kind. He or She is enthusiastic about your hobbies, even if they think they're boring, is truthful enough to tell you you've got chocolate around your mouth when everyone else keeps quiet! A best friend is on your side when you're drunk and the most important, dedicated to your friendship.

2.- Describe a time when you made a new friend.

This happened five years ago. I don't know how exactly we got friends but I know that we stayed in the school and we started to talk about something, and then we became good friends. The relationship was stronger went she started rowing, although we were angry with each other about a year for a stupid thing. But now we are another time good friends again!

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