Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Last Summer

Hi, today I'm going to explain my last summer. First I'm going to talk about my June, Second about my July and finally about my August/ September.

Well, in June, I stayed training for the Spanish rowing Championship, the competition was in the 4rth of June and I need to say that I won.

In July, I stayed in Banyoles, in the morning I went training and in the afternoons I stayed at home watching drama series because I don't like horror series. I watched series like the beauty and the beast, glee or I was playing PS4 with my brother. Some afternoons I went to French or English classes but then I returned home.

In August, I stayed two weeks in Palamós, going to the beach every morning and went for a walk in the afternoons, and for one week I was on a cruise.

Finally in September I went rowing two days in El Panta de Sau, and then I stayed sad at home because in a few days the school would start. These last days I started watching Pretty Little Liars, because my beautiful and incredible friend Núria Jaén recommended it to me, and I think that I'm going to say thanks to Núria because I like it a lot and I watch it every evening before I go to the bed, and also in the morning before going to the school.

In conclusion I had a lot of fun, thanks for your attention.


My last summer presentation from ltortos16


Joan Rigau.- He went to Lourdes, to Flaixbac summer camp, to Barcelona and to Port aventura.

Elisenda.- She went to exchange program to united states, one week in Cadaques, and she did a trip to Beligum whit the Kayaking team.

Joan Cagigós.- He did the Spanish Rowing Championship, he went to l'Aquadiver and to Hawaii.

Núria Jaén.- She premonatery in a summer school, she did a trip to vasc country, and she went to lourda for dance.

Elisabet.- She slep a lot, she did a journey to Andorra, she stayed in her cousin house and she went to Port the la Selva.

Maria Serra.- She did a trip to Astúries with her kayaking team, passed few days in PDA, Port de la Selva, Barcelona and finally she did a trip to Belgium also with her kayaking team.

Núria fuselles.- She did a trip to loures, stayed some days in Banyoles and she did another trip but this time around Europe.

Nicolai Balateu.- He did the Spanish Rowing Campionship, he went to Eton rowing camp (England), to Menorca 1 month and to Camprodon.


Did you use any resources? No

Were the resources relevant and attractive? I didn't used resources

Did you look at your audience most of the time? No

Did you read from your notes? Yes, sometimes

Did you do any movement to hold the attention of you audience? No

Did you organize your ideas in order of importance? Yes

Did you use discourse markers to make your ideas more clear? Yes

Did you do interesting your oral? I don't know this you should ask to my classmates

Where did you look up information? From my experience

Did you chek your gammar? Yes

Did you use rich vocabulary looking up the dictionary? No

Did you use sentece linkers? Yes

Did you use fillers? No

Did you know how to pronunce all you words? No

Did you chech the pronuntation with dictionary, a classmate or the theacher? No

Did you change your tone of voice or use a onote tone all the time? No

Did you speed in fluid continuumm or with break and interruptions? Yes, in sometimes

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