Tuesday, May 3, 2016

About my english

What really helped me to improve my English, was going since I was 10 every summer in England, except the last one, because it compelled me to speak English and make me understand. Another think that helps me, is watching series in English, because now I've got a good listening and it's easier for me to understand a conversation or a speech. And obviously studying for taking the pet with my teacher of English out of school, has helped me to improve my English too.

Preparation CCBB's

Writing 2014- 2015

1. David, your American e-pal, is coming to Catalonia on a school trip. He will visit you next Saturday. You have organised a day out for him. Send him an e-mail telling him where you will go, which transport you will use, the places you will visit and the time and place you will meet.

Hi David,
I'm so happy that you come to Catalonia that I am preparing some activities to do. We will meet in the bus Stop at 10 a.m., I'll wait for you with a bicycle because we'll ride around the beautiful lake of Banyoles. Then we'll go to the club to chill out eating or drinking something. After that we'll take the bus and go to visit Girona and the amazing Cathedral of Girona. I think that after all of this you will be hungry so we will go to a Restaurant to eat something and then return to Banyoles.
See you on Saturday,

2.- Imagine that you spent last night in a large empty house. It was a dark, windy night and strange things happened during the night. You felt frightened. Explain what happened, what you heard, saw and felt.

Last night when my parents went to have dinner with some friends, I heard some noise in the kitchen. I was in my bedroom playing with the tablet and I was afraid but I thought that it was the wind. A few minutes later I heard the noise again, so I decided to go to the kitchen, and then I saw someone, just there eating some of my cookies. I opened the light and all of my friends surprised me, in Halloween disguises. Then we had a Party.

Writing 2011-2012

1.- Your school is taking part in a European Project and next month you are going to receive a student from Sweden in your house. Write an e-mail giving him/her some information about you (name, age, like, dislikes, etc.) and your school (name of the school, location, teachers, activities, your favourite subjects, etc.)

Hi Peter / Susan,
My name is Laia, I'm 15 and I like doing sport a lot but I hate studying things that I'm not interested in. I study at Escola Casa Nostra, in Banyoles. It's a little school so we have only one teacher for each subject. We do different activities like at the important days. My favourite subject is English because we watch films.
See you soon. Love

2.- Your friend Sam went on holiday to an exotic place last year (Africa, South America, etc.). He showed you the pictures and told you what he did there. Write a paragraph and explain where he went, the people he went with, the weather, what he did there, what he liked, what he didn't like, etc.
Last year, my friend Sam went to South America with his family. The weather was good, every day it was sunny. They visited a lot of beautiful beaches, and he explained that the best part was watching the whales swimming, but he didn't like seeing people living on the street.

 Writing 15-16

(80-95 words)
Who is your favorite relative? Your mum? Your brother? A special cousin?... Write a text about him or her. What kind of person is he/she? What is so special about him/her? What do you like about him/her? Why do you get on well together? Have you got any special story or anecdote involving him/her?


My favorite relative is my Cousin. Her name is Maria and we've the same age. She's so intelligent and is amazing to see she dance. A quality that I admire of her, is that she help people all the time just to feel better with herself. We get on well together because is my opposite and we do a great duo together. Although we stay together since she arrived from China. I remember that when we're 3 years old, we're running all the day one behind the other shouting our names, just for fun.

Number of words = 94

Thursday, April 28, 2016

An annuncement

The chess Club

Training sessions:
Who wants to learn to play chess? We are holding training sessions for new members on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Meet in the park at 4p.m.

Social Events:
We're excited to announce that the club is organizing a tournament for all members next Thursday at 6p.m. in the gym. It's a club tradition, and the idea is to give advices and learn from the old members to the news incorporations. Remember to bring your membership card.

Visit from the Champion:
All members are invited to a special evening next Saturday with the winner of last year in the world chess championship: John Lop, who is going to talk about his experience. John attended this school and some of you will remember playing with him. Join us in room J027 form 6:30p.m.

New club website
We're pleased to announce that we're launching a club website to inform members of all the latest club news. The site goes live at the weekend. We believe this is the best way to spread the word quickly, so don't forget to register you emails address to receive regular updates.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My holiday trip

For my summer holidays, my parents decided to go on a Italy, Greece and Croatia cruise route, with one more family. We should be on the Venice port to board at 5:00 PM on the 23rd of August, but my father preferred to go by car to Venice, before the plane, so the trip started three days before on the 20th of August. Now I will start to explain all the route. To begin with I will talk about the trip by car and then I will talk about the cruise.

The trip started at 11:00 AM on the 20th of August. The first day it wasn't very interesting because we stayed all day travelling by car, we made a stop at 2:00 PM for lunch and another at 9:00 PM when we stopped in Nisa, for had dinner and sleep in a hotel.

The second day, at 8:30 AM we took the car again, and we stopped to have breakfast at 9:30 AM on a petrol station where we could see all Monaco, and then we went to visit Milan and having the lunch and in the afternoon we went to visit Verona including the Juliet house. We slept on a hotel near Verona.

The third day we went by car to Venice. We stayed all the day visiting that city, and at 4.30 PM we headed towards the port to board on the cruise. The rest of the day we didn't do anything interesting, excluding the drill and explore the different parts of the ship.

Now I will explain the six days that I spent on the cruise. I visited Bari, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and Dubrovnik.

Bari and Corfu disappointed me, because I thought that would be more majestic.

The white house's of Mykonos and Santorini were beautiful. When we went to Santorini we went to the city on a donkey, this is typical!

Between the day of Santorini and Dubrovnik we stayed a day on the ship, and with my sister we took the opportunity to go to the gym, it was amazing running on the tape runner whatching the sea.

And the last city was Dubrovnik, which I had been a years ago although we walked again around the wall and as it was sunny, it was hot.

Finally we arrived to Venice were we took the car and we spent all the day going home.

In conclusion, it was a beautiful experience, which I would like to repeat, and if you have the opportunity I recommend it to you.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A formal email

59 Wellington Road
257 Deon Street
W1D 5RS                                                                                       Wednesday 4th of November

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about you new video game, which I recently purchased form your website. The description online clamis that the box set was new and in good condition. Unfortunately, this description is really wrong.

In the first place, the video game box was extremely damaged when it arrived. I had bought the this game because it was very cheap and so I didn’t mind if the box was damaged, but when the box was opened I found another game, that was not what I bought.

Secondly, the box set label says it contain instructions in seven languagues, but there were only in french in the box when it was opened. This means I am not able to know how to use it, which is really frustrating.

As a result, this product is really not the same that I purchased, and I am enclosing the set with this letter and I would appreciate a replacement video game of Mario Kart and no of The legend of Zelda. I look forward to receving it in the very near future.

Yours faithufully,

Laia Tortós-Sala

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sleepy Hollow:

In the early United States of America, young policeman Ichabod Crane is sent to from New York to the fledgling settlement of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of ghoulish murders. On his arrival, the town council informs him that the three victims were killed in open ground, and the heads had disappeared - taken by a headless ghost that is supposedly responsible. Ichabod is unconvinced of this, but learns more about the ghostly horseman - it is the ghost of a Hessian sent by the British during the revolutionary war, and he was caught by redcoats and decapitated with his own sword. When Ichabod sees the ghost kill one of the town council members, his skepticism evaporates - and he soon discovers that the horseman's ghost has an unholy connection to Balthus Van Tassel, a wealthy farmer - and whose daughter Ichabod is falling in love with...


  •  Ichabod Crane

  •  Katrina Van Tassel

  •  Young Masbath

  •  Brom Van Brunt

  •  Baltus Van Tassel

  •  Lady Van Tassel 

  • Reverend Steenwyck

  •  Magistrate Samuel Philipse

  •  Dr. Thomas Lancaster

  •  Notary James Hardenbrook

  • Killian, Beth's husband

  • Beth Killian, the Midwife

  • Peter Van Garrett

  • A free time activity

    Hi Júlia,

    How are you? What have you been doing since I saw you last tiem? You won't belive it, but i've been FCR (Federació Catalana de Rem).

    I passed some hard proves along the year, and finally they took me to be part in the cadets team of FCR. We met only two times. The first was in Amposta for trainnig for the competition, we stayed Friday to Sunday training three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. We did some gym and we were rowing with and eight. The second meeting it was in Aigüebelette (France), there we did competition. We had the second place in double and the first in eight, it was a big success, so I'm really pleased.

    I thought that the experience would be strange, I mean take part of a boat with my rivals it would be so rare. But it was fantastic and now I have a better relationship with this girls.

    Any was, I've got to go now, because tomorrow I have Maths exam, otherwise I'll be late for our next meeting. Keep in touch!

    Take care,