Thursday, November 26, 2015

A formal email

59 Wellington Road
257 Deon Street
W1D 5RS                                                                                       Wednesday 4th of November

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about you new video game, which I recently purchased form your website. The description online clamis that the box set was new and in good condition. Unfortunately, this description is really wrong.

In the first place, the video game box was extremely damaged when it arrived. I had bought the this game because it was very cheap and so I didn’t mind if the box was damaged, but when the box was opened I found another game, that was not what I bought.

Secondly, the box set label says it contain instructions in seven languagues, but there were only in french in the box when it was opened. This means I am not able to know how to use it, which is really frustrating.

As a result, this product is really not the same that I purchased, and I am enclosing the set with this letter and I would appreciate a replacement video game of Mario Kart and no of The legend of Zelda. I look forward to receving it in the very near future.

Yours faithufully,

Laia Tortós-Sala

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