Thursday, April 28, 2016

An annuncement

The chess Club

Training sessions:
Who wants to learn to play chess? We are holding training sessions for new members on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Meet in the park at 4p.m.

Social Events:
We're excited to announce that the club is organizing a tournament for all members next Thursday at 6p.m. in the gym. It's a club tradition, and the idea is to give advices and learn from the old members to the news incorporations. Remember to bring your membership card.

Visit from the Champion:
All members are invited to a special evening next Saturday with the winner of last year in the world chess championship: John Lop, who is going to talk about his experience. John attended this school and some of you will remember playing with him. Join us in room J027 form 6:30p.m.

New club website
We're pleased to announce that we're launching a club website to inform members of all the latest club news. The site goes live at the weekend. We believe this is the best way to spread the word quickly, so don't forget to register you emails address to receive regular updates.

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